Privacy Policy



The health screening programs (the "Screening Programs") provided by Meditrix are designed to help participants assess their risk for disease and to provide information from MEDITRIX (or from the sponsors of its programs) about common health issues. This Notice of Privacy Practices ("Notice") explains the limited degree to which we may collect, use and aggregate personal health information about participants that is provided to or collected by MEDITRIX through participation in the Screening Programs. MEDITRIX respects personal privacy and is committed to protecting it. MEDITRIX is particularly sensitive to the privacy of medical and health information.

Your Acceptance of this Notice

By participating in the Screening Programs, participants signify their acceptance of the terms of MEDITRIX's Notice of Privacy Practices. However, if you do not agree to the terms of this Notice, you may not participate in a Screening Program.

Information Submitted and Collected: The Personal Health Questionnaire

In order to participate in an MEDITRIX Screening Program, participants must complete a personal health questionnaire consisting of a number of questions about personal and family medical history. After the screening, the responses to the personal health questionnaire will be used by MEDITRIX for conducting market research to improve the programs, products and services offered by MEDITRIX and to provide participants with information about common health issues, such as high cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, which may be delivered to participants by MEDITRIX or its business partners (as described below in the section "Sharing of Information").

Sharing of Information

Unless required by law, MEDITRIX will not sell or disclose personally identifiable health information to any third party without permission. In certain instances, Impact Health's business partners, such as pharmaceutical companies, may sponsor Screening Programs administered by MEDITRIX such cases, subject to the participant's consent, MEDITRIX may provide personally identifiable health information to its business partners so that they may provide information about common health issue and products to treat certain common health conditions. De-identified information provided to or collected by MEDITRIX, that is, information that has been stripped of all data elements that personally identify participants or could be reasonably used to identify participants, may be stored, used or sold by MEDITRIX for any business-related purpose.

In the event that MEDITRIX, or any part of MEDITRIX's operations, is merged with, or acquired by, another entity, then any successor or acquiring entity that continues MEDITRIX's business will assume our obligations with respect to all personal health information that has been provided to or collected by MEDITRIX. By participating in a Screening Program, participants also consent to the use of personal health information by such an entity.

Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal

Participants may choose not to complete the healthcare questionnaire. Further, if they complete the questionnaire and later change their mind and withdraw their consent, we will block any further release of personally identifiable health information about them, and their family, that can be used to identify or contact them.

Duration of Your Consent

Unless participants contact MEDITRIX to withdraw their consent, the healthcare questionnaire information may be stored and used internally by MEDITRIX indefinitely.


This Notice of Privacy Practices is part of MEDITRIX's commitment to protect the privacy of participants in the Screening Programs. This Notice may be amended from time to time as we add programs and services and as laws change; however, we display a version number and date on the Notice so that you will know when there has been a change.


MEDITRIX wants all personal health information to remain as secure as reasonably possible. Maintaining a secure system is in the best interests of our customers, program participants and partners. Therefore, MEDITRIX stores all personally identifiable health data using industry standard physical, technical and administrative safeguards to secure data against foreseeable risks, such as unauthorized use, access, disclosure, destruction and modification. In addition, only authorized MEDITRIX employees are permitted to access personal health information, and such employees are subject to MEDITRIX's code of conduct with respect to such information. Any MEDITRIX employee who intentionally violates our Privacy Policy is subject to disciplinary action, including termination. After a screening event, all healthcare questionnaire information will be stored in locked files and on separate MEDITRIX computer servers, and only MEDITRIX and its successors will have access to the information.


we have provided this Notice to communicate the specifics of our commitment to privacy. In addition, MEDITRIX will address any complaints or questions that our program participants may have regarding the policies contained in this Notice or their implementation.